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  • Beauty Collagen Peptides ---- Nourish your inner glow with our Beauty Collagen. Strawberry Lemon Collagen is a deliciously subtle blend of bovine hide collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid, probiotics and organic lemon/strawberry/beet.
  • Health Benefits ---- Collagen Peptides can be digested and absorbed by the body quickly for maximum benefits. Helps improve the health of your hair, skin, nails, joints and ligaments, and tendons**. The Beauty Collagen also boasts probiotics and 120mg of dew-inducing hyaluronic acid to help to enhance skin hydration and elasticity
  • Easy to Use ---- Soluble in hot or cold liquids, including coffee, smoothies, and tea. 1-2 scoops a day is all you need! It can be taken in the morning, afternoon or in the evening, helps you achieve that glow from within.
  • Certifications ---- Whole30 Approved. Gluten / dairy free. Our Beauty Collagen helps improve energy without added sweeteners, fillers, or additives.
  • 15g Collagen Powder per Serving ---- We provide a scoop to measure it, which 2 scoops of powder = 19g. That's also why the container isnt full and just has to leave room for the scoop. And our product quantity is based on weight, not canister size.



Customer Reviews

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Great product if you know what you’re getting

I personally was nervous to order this product due to the cost and the mixed reviews but i found it on sale and said why not?! Now you should know why you’re adding this supplement to your regimen. Personally I wanted the collagen for my joints, skin, hair, etc. Wanted the probiotics to help my digestion and the hyaluronic acid for the perceived skin benefits. I take it in the morning on an empty stomach before my protein shake. I have also taken it in the afternoon if i forgot to do it in the morning. I mix it in a cup of hot water (lavander lemon flavor) stir it with a wisk and it dissolves beautifully. You get a tea like beverage that I honestly look forward to in the mornings. I have not tried any of the other flavors but I enjoy this one so much i will most likely stick with it. I recommend starting with half a scoop for a week and then going on to a scoop just to see how your stomach takes the collage. I have seen stronger more even nails but you should do at least 4 weeks of a supplement to see results and i am not there yet (about two and a half weeks) Hope this helps!Side note: nutritional supplement usually come in a bigger canisters than they need to (for a few unimportant reasons like discouraging clumping and room for scoop and anti-moisture pack thing) what matters is the number of “servings” that you are getting per container (always on the nutritional table) This looks about right for this canister when you see the amount of the product and size of the serving which is not too big. As per their nutritional table, their collagen content is right at the daily reccomendation per serving.

Tim E Lee
Really works to smooth skin and grow hair

I love the hibiscus! I have been using this product and the watermelon one for just about a month. I am shocked at what it does. My hair is growing faster! By butt and legs are smoother also. I will buy this again!

Hannah @ Bomb Squad Fitness

I love this product! Saw results with my nails in a about 14 days, hair in about 30. I think it’s funny that people are complaining about the taste. This is not something you’re supposed to sip on and enjoy. You down it and call it good! I put in in a small Nalgene bottle, shake it good...twice and drink it all. I think it tastes like unsweetened tea. Buying it again as we speak!

Ted Dedden
Short filled-annoying.

The can comes half full, which is annoying. Just started using VP and I purchased a bunch of samples so I could find the one I like best. Tropical hibiscus is by far my favorite however, I have nothing to compare the fullness of other containers. I read a review suggesting that this might not be a genuine product so I ordered my next can directly from VP. I can guarantee that container was just as short filled as the one purchased from . Tasted the same, would order from again to save a few bucks.

Shelley S
Love the taste, dissolves easily, two thumbs up!

I really like this stuff, it's the second Vital Proteins product I've bought (vanilla coffee creamer was the other). This dissolves really easily into water, and I like the taste. I was afraid the lavender would be really too faint to taste, but it's pronounced (and not too much so). With a squeeze of fresh lemon in it, it almost makes water taste like lavender lemonade. Really great!