Green Superfood Powder - Energy - Lemon Lime

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  • This refreshing blend thoughtfully combines our alkalizing farm fresh greens and wholesome fruits and vegetables with Yerba Mate and Match Green tea providing 85mg of natural caffeine for a focused boost to help you feel amazing every day.
  • Crafted with 7 alkalizing farm fresh greens plus key vitamins to support overall health.
  • 85 mg of clean plant based caffeine.
  • Certified Organic by CCOF, Gluten Free, No Sugar Added, Plant Based, Non GMO, Kosher
  • Add one scoop with 8 oz. or more of water, juice, or smoothie recipe for a quick breakfast or snack drink. Use when baking to give your cakes, muffins, brownies, or cookies for an energy boost.



Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
It really does give you energy!

I used this right away when I got it. I had been working in the garage when it was 100 outside. I was working on putting up shelving for our garage and was pretty worn out. I mixed this with Vanilla Soymilk, a little sugar and ice- blended in the mixer and it was the perfect drink to help me push through the rest of the day. The flavor was perfect and I really did feel better after drinking this. I've been trying to find something to give me a pick up and I think I found it. I have tried the other flavors but this flavor was perfect.

better than coffee for me

I am very happy with this product. I do not like coffee and this is a very good wake-up drink. I tastes gritty if not stirred enough but I kind of like it that way. When I drove 524 miles in one day it kept me alert without stomach upset. Give it try.

M. Lint007
Great Taste!

I was really weary of this product because in general these items usually do not taste good but I was pleasantly surprised with this flavor. I have tried the other flavors as well. Lemongrass and lime and watermelon by far is my favorite. I drink this with half a banana and filtered water.As far as the energy, it does what it says, but I do feel a crash in the afternoon. For instance, I drink this around 8 in the morning and my energy doesn't alleviate until about 2 p.m. Not bad at all for me.I purchased the packets for convenience and because I wanted to test them first although I haven't seen the bulk option as of yet.

Ms. KK
This is one of my greatest finds!

This is one of my greatest finds!! I do like coffee but notice that the caffeine in coffee makes me crash. Green Super-food is made with green matcha tea and yerba matte. Both have caffeine but I get a better boost and don't get any kind of crash with those two botanicals. I mix this in a quart mason jar and add some apple cider vinegar and ice. It's refreshing and delicious - I think it tastes like a jolly rancher! I have friends and family who ask me to make them "the green drink" because they enjoy the boost and the flavor. In the summertime this is my go to morning wake-me-up, plus it's packed with healthy greens... bonus!!

Pleasant and Energizing

For providing the nutrition this product provides through grasses and algae, it has a nice pleasant taste. I have tried the original blend in both berry and chocolate and prefer the lemon-lime flavor but that could be a personal thing, the others are pleasant as well. I use it in the morning instead of a cup of coffee and actually add a little more spirlina to it. Using these superfine powders can be a challenge and I don't want to fuss with making a shake early morning. What works for me is using a thermal coffee cup with a solid lid, fill it about a quarter with water, add the powder, add more water to 3/4, then add a few ice cubes, make sure the lid is seated and opening is super secure and shake it up. The cubes work to mix it as they melt, if it sits for a period of time, close the opening and shake it up again. You might want to try it over a sink the first few times. Like the larger size, as well.