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  • Brain health supplement - Give our nootropics brain supplement for focus, energy, memory & clarity a try and feel the difference brain pills for focus, recalls, memory can make in your mental focus
  • Ginkgo biloba capsules - Most brain supplements arent packed with so many powerful focus vitamins like our B12 vitamin phosphatidylserine 100 mg rhodiola rosea extract and bacopa monnieri capsules
  • Vitamin B12 energy boost - Our vitamin B-12 energy supplements for fatigue can help you say goodbye to brain fog with our natural nootropics pills for energy that help support mental clarity
  • Brain memory supplements - Our nootropics brain booster supplement for focus, memory, clarity, energy is a popular brain focus aid to maintain a sharp mind that other focus pills just cant match
  • Brain clarity and focus supplement - We picked the best vitamins for memory and brain focus so that you can trust our nootropic brain supplement for all your natural brain boosting needs



Customer Reviews

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Crystal Dragon
I Love This!!

I used to take the Focus factor but they were big and depending on the bottle some were really fishy and stink and made me gag. Then I stop taking it. 聽Now, getting old, but I have to take classes and need to be ready for exams. 聽I search around. Then found this BRAIN + IQ COMPLEX!! 聽Each capsule is not like a horse pill and NEVER stinks like the other company! I just re-ordered the 3rd bottle today! Because I already noticed my study quality clearly went up!!This is definitary working!! I Highly Recommend!!!!

Great Product!

Great product. After about a month, I can see a difference. Being 74, I thought my memory for every day words was fading. But with Brain +IQ Complex it has returned. This product is a lot cheaper than the leading brands, too.

Improved memory.

I've been taking Brain + IQ Complex supplement for 2 months, and my memory keeps improving the longer I am using it! I will continue taking this product because I feel it really does help me! My mind seems sharper and I've noticed I'm not having as many incidents where I walk into a room and then can't remember what I went there for.I also like that the capsules are easy to swallow!

Incredible Clarity of Thought and Focus.

For awhile I have had brain fog and forgetfulness. I started taking this and all of it went away, I feel like myself again. Memory is a steel trap. Mind is exploding with ideas, anxiety has went down, I can trust myself again with remembering things. I told my HR I was taking a nootropic. My boss told HR that something changed in me, like a light switch was flipped on. He told her I was more proactive a night and day difference. I feel it too. I can focus, figure things out, streamline, all of the things I have been known for in my professional career, I do IT and a ton of other things at my company. I have purchased over 11 times now and will keep doing so, best thing I have done in years!

Greg M.
Worked Great for Me

WOW!!! I could actually feel these do exactly what was stated only after about 3 days use. I've never really been a coffee drinker, but found myself drinking up to 3 cups in the morning just to get alert enough to start my days work. I have been taking this supplement now for over 3 weeks and can definitely feel a marked difference. I've tried others such as this but was a waste of time. Reviews for this product were really good so I thought I would try one more time and am really glad I did. I highly recommend this supplement if you are looking for true energy and focus